Ultra Light 3-Finger Clutch Perch

ZETASKU: 624-2037



  • Ultra light clutch perch supports a wide range of applications
  • Ratio device( PAT.1416268) can adjust the lever ratio in 4 steps (Applying for design). Adjustable balance between how the clutch is engaged and the lightness of the pull
  • The swinging head of the cable adjusts to follow the direction of the cable angle keeping the cable tracking true with no binding, ratio can be adjusted in 4 steps
  • The plastic sleeve built into the perch clamp helps the assembly rotate on the bar in case of impact in a fall
  • Increased thickness of the lever blade reinforces the lever where it is the most vulnerable in the event of an impact of a fall
  • Forged aluminum 3 finger lever is strong, durable and has a comfortable shape to help in the ease of pulling.
  • The cable adjuster can be adjusted by hand without the use of tools.
  • The reach of the lever arm can be adjusted according to hand size making it universal for small or large hands

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