TUG Impact Vest


Size: XL



Maximum comfort under-the-jersey design with pliable RMF roost deflection technology.

  • Air Mesh - Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded, while still providing protection from abrasion and sunlight.
  • Race Collar Compatible - Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable in its natural state but hardens when force is applied to it, providing a protective barrier.
  • Impact Pads - Strategically placed Impact Pads add an extra layer of protection in key areas.
  • Compression fit.
  • Breathable / moisture-wicking mesh and jersey construction.
  • RMF Technology (Reactive Memory Foam).
  • Chest impact protection.
  • Meets CE 14021 standards.
  • Designed to work with most race collars.
  • Elastic shoulder attachment loops for race collar compatibility.

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