Single Button Holeshot Device

TamerSKU: 188-9203



  • Large latching groove allows for easy and secure hookup and mud buildup is no hassle when latching
  • Machined lip ensures button stays in place on plastic fork guard
  • The double button is an industry first and allows you a choice of settings for different conditions.
  • The upper button works great on concrete and dry slick dirt and the lower button is for tacky starts or metal grates. As the dirt conditions change throughout your moto day or from track to track, so can your setting on your holeshot device.
  • Bullnose face latching plunger prevents scratching of your fork leg and tube
  • 5 screws secure the double button to fork guard & screw placement is designed to spread the load on your plastic preventing rip out
  • Rebuildable design for long lasting performance 7 Curved and knurled to fit your fork guard curve
  • X-Wing bracket provides added security to keep the double button on your fork guard
  • Metal drill template ensures accurate hole placement

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