Self Engaged Launch Assist

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With its patent-pending self-engaged twist dial, ProTaper's revolutionary Self-Engaged Launch Assist (SELA) can be easily set without any assistance, giving riders the freedom to practice starts and line up for races by themselves. During start, SELA makes it possible to temporarily compress the motorcycle's front suspension, reducing its tendency to wheelie under acceleration. This optimizes rear wheel traction, allowing the rider to be more aggressive with the throttle and launch down the start straight with greater control. Dual-hinged receiver ring makes for quick and convenient installation without removing the front wheel or fork. Unique, single-SKU design allows for installation on most full-size, late-model motocross bikes.



  • Forged aluminum alloy construction optimizes weight savings, strength and durability
  • Hard-anodized moving parts maximize resistance to corrosion and wear
  • Durable laster-etched graphics, including engagement confirmation markings
  • Includes all parts and hardware necessary for a wide range of applications
  • Details installation instructions and templates available online at

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