Headlight Switch

Grit ShiftSKU: GS-002



Let's face it. You don't always need your headlights on. Why waste your battery? With the Halo Kill Switch by GritShift, you can quickly and easily control your lights and conserve your battery. Without having to take your hand off the handlebar, simply turning them off and on with the push of a button! When you want to improve your stealth abilities, the Halo Switch is the way to go. Featuring a plug-and-play design, this light switch was custom-made for the Sur-Ron, Segway X160, and Segway X260, which means no modifications are needed for installation. When it comes to installing on your SurRon or Segway, it is super easy. The Halo is designed to be mounted directly to your factory handlebars using 2 screws. Simply, remove the 2 screws already there that hold your ignition switch and accessory charger in place. Locate the factory headlight plug directly below and unplug the factory connection. Then just plug in your new Halo Switch and you're ready to ride! 

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